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Born 1959, in Naharia, Israel. I realized that I liked drawing and painting at a very young age.  I was in pre-kindergarten the first time that I remember that feeling.
Studied at the Talma Yalin school for the Arts in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 1975 moved to California, continued Art education in LA. Ronen has also published a poetry book in 2001. Ronen is also a musician and singer. Ronen has recently served as an Art Director for Andrew Weiss gallery in Santa Monica, Ca Member of the prestigious London, England based ArtCan Group



His artistry is an expression of emotion ignited by love, People’s stories, music and all forms of life.

Ronen believes that art is not to be choreographed, but rather, it is a freestyle dance, a blending of emotions, senses and intellect. He wants his art to communicate something to the observer that moves them, be a story or a mood, and to evoke emotions and feelings.

A native of Israel, resident of the LA area, and a world traveler, Ronen co mingles various styles; Abstract Expressionism, Cubism amongst other contemporary styles. His chosen subjects come from his appreciation of diverse cultures, people, and genres of music, literature, and nature…. Everything that can be experienced can breathe inspiration into creativity of all forms. Acrylics on canvas and wood are Ronen’s preferred mediums from a list of diverse creations with Pen and Ink, Oil and Sculpture.

Ronen’s work has been shown in galleries throughout, including Beverly Hills, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, Santiago Chile, London, Japan and Israel.

Ronen’s art can be viewed on his website – and on his Facebook page.

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